May 16, 2022

Shifu Class 5/10/2022

There are many points that might touch your heart or stimulate your mind from a teaching by Shifu. The purpose of these key point suggestions is for non-mandarin speakers to have some potential focuspoints.. Or for those that do not feel a clear connection point. It is important that if some other point from the talk touches your heart, focus there for this week.  

These are key point for our practice time, like sitting Chan, group classes, training etc.. and application to daily life points.. These are not absolute though and may likely overlap. 

Points for practice consideration

10 Chakras are the life energy centers in our body. When we focus on them, we not only purify the surrounding organs but also activate/receive the energy, which is chi in the beginning. With dedicated practice, we may feel electricity and even the light in the chakras. 

10 chakras are 10 life energy sources. They are like gas stations. Focusing on them generates energies, cleansing nearby organs

Points for application to daily life: 

If we choose not to believe in Shi-Fu, the teachings, our teachers, …we won’t receive the light energy. There is an old saying that the rain can not nourish the plants without the roots.  

In modern times, people consume too much physical and mental energies and life force. Meditation replenishes these energies.