June 19, 2022

Shifu Class 6/14/2022

There are many points that might touch your heart or stimulate your mind from a teaching by Shifu. The purpose of these key point suggestions is for non-mandarin speakers to have some potential focus points.. Or for those that do not feel a clear connection point. It is important that if some other point from the talk touches your heart, focus there for this week.  

These are key point for our practice time, like sitting Chan, group classes, training etc.. and application to daily life points.. These are not absolute though and may likely overlap. 

Points for practice consideration

The goal we should work toward is to be able to stay in and out of Chan Ding at the same time. (Shi-Fu said it is not correct that we are in light in meditation but in darkness when we are not meditating. )This is the state of movement and stillness coexist. This is something we should strive for.

The eight fold noble path is a very good instruction for our practice and daily life interactions

Meditation: focus on Third Eye Chakra.

Points for application to daily life: 

Maintain a pure and joyful heart everyday. WIth a joyful heart, you won’t conflict with family, friends, colleagues. This is happiness. Regardless how much money you have, the heart is content. Spiritual practice is not about the outside, but the inside – the heart.

True spiritual practice is that we live in the world/society but keep our heart pure all the time, just like lotus flowers blossoming out of the mud.