Thanksgiving Half-Day Virtual Retreat

Join Us for a Thanksgiving Half Day “Virtual” Meditation Retreat by Heart Chan on November 29, 2020 (Sunday), 11am-3pm Pacific Time (US and Canada) (GMT -7) Thanksgiving provides a good opportunity for contemplation and self reflection on the challenges we have faced and blessings and support we have received in this unique year of 2020.[…]

New Introductory to Chan Meditation Class at SF Bay Area Center to Start on Saturday, 1/25/2020

Dear All, Start 2020 with clarity, self-awareness and personal growth through our new “Introductory to Chan Meditation Class“ on January 25th (Saturday), 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m at our Bay Area center. This class will introduce the fundamental concepts and techniques of Chan meditation in a systematic and easy-to-understand way. Class Includes: – Step-by-step meditation instructions – Fundamental teachings of Chan Meditation – Integration of body, mind and[…]

The Heart Chan Practice

Seated Meditation Seated meditation is the foundation of the practice of Heart Chan. Many people today explore meditation practice to seek peace of mind, reduction of the stress in our lives, or to improve a health issue. For others, Chan represents opportunities to deepen and clarify our spirituality, upon whatever path our heart takes us. Heart Chan represents[…]

85th Chan Patriarch Wujue Miaotian

Chan Master Wujue Miaotian was born in Taiwan and grew up during World War II.  He lost his mother at a young age.  The sufferings and impermanence he experienced during his childhood inspired his pursuit of spiritual awakening and liberation.  He started his spiritual journey at the age of forty and vowed to dedicate his[…]

Get Involved

We welcome everyone to be involved with various aspects of Heart Chan practice.