Juemiao Miaoming
(Spiritual Leader and CEO, Ellijay, GA)

Miaoming is the spiritual leader and CEO of Heart Chan in the United States. Heart Chan is a global spiritual organization that shares the ancient teachings and practice of Chan meditation. Based outside of Atlanta, Georgia, Miaoming oversees Heart Chan's activities, which include year-round retreats, workshops, teacher trainings and unique programs offered at centers around the country.

Miaoming was tasked with establishing Heart Chan in the United States after receiving a direct “heart imprint” or transmission of teachings from Chan Master Wujue Miaotian, the 85th Patriarch of the Order of Chan. Since 2011, he has been dedicating his life to sharing the transformational practice of Chan meditation with western cultures. He leads meditation workshops across the country and internationally with a specific focus on applying Heart Chan teachings to the challenges of modern-day life.

At Heart Chan, Miaoming works with business professionals, families and practitioners from all walks of life to gain deeper clarity into their life's purpose, and harmony within their heart. Heart Chan practice places a renewed emphasis on the heart to balance the mindfulness movement, which has grown in popularity. Chan meditation has proven to be a unifying practice that awakens compassion and connectedness among practitioners from diverse faiths, backgrounds and worldviews.

With more than 40 years of extensive practice in various disciplines, Miaoming brings deep knowledge and experience in Chan (Zen) meditation, Martial Arts, Qigong and traditional Chinese medicine. He explored his spiritual practice while working in corporate America and living abroad in China. Miaoming spent more than 30 years as a management professional in the energy sector and prior to that served in the United States Navy as a technical instructor and volunteered for a decade as a squadron commander, search and rescue pilot in the USAF aux., Civil Air Patrol.

Miaoming holds a master’s degree in theology from University of Indiana and a doctorate degree from Indiana College of Oriental Medicine. He is originally from a small town in Western Pennsylvania and was raised Catholic. He lives at the Heart Chan Georgia retreat center with his wife and has three sons, two daughters and one granddaughter.
Juemiao Tongming
(San Francisco Bay Area, CA)

Tongming started Heart Chan practice in 1995 when he was a graduate student of National Tsing Hua University (NTHU), Taiwan. He soon experienced benefits in health, performance at school, and work. His perspectives toward life were broadened, and he has been dedicated to his spiritual journey since then. From 2004 to 2006, Tongming became one of the teachers in Chan Center in Taipei County. In 2007, Tongming relocated to California US, and joined local Heart Chan meditation group. In 2011, Tongming and other practitioners started the Bay Area Chan Center offering meditation sessions to the public. Currently, he is the Secretary of Heart Chan, one of the ordained teachers and Heart Chan Board members.

Tongming got his doctor degree in Power Mechanical Engineering, NTHU, Taiwan in 2005. He worked for KINIK company as a R&D manager, project manager, and Technologist from 2005 to 2016. Currently, he is the owner and general manager of Harmony Ridge Lodge.
Juemiao Jingming
(Walnut and Irvine, CA)

Graduated with a BSEE in digital hardware and enrolled in MBA from UC Berkeley in 1971.

Served as CEO and founder of

- Simon Electronics Of Taiwan
- Western Medical Equipment in Irvine
- FireRiver.com in Irvine
- AXA Corporation in Irvine.
- ACCUON Corporation in Irvine.
- Began the practice of Heart Chan in 2000. Ordained in 2004. Now serving practitioners in Los Angeles area.

Married to Emily Hsiao with three children.

Loves cooking, yoga, golf, singing.
Juemiao Miaolian
(Irvine, CA)

A former advertising planner in Beijing Radio Station, currently a full time mom of three boys in Irvine California, Miaolian’s journey in Chan started in a random Saturday afternoon in 2008 in a community park. She was taking her sons out for some afternoon outdoor activities and ran into a Chan class offered at the community center in the park.

In 2011 she went to Taiwan to participate in the founding of Shakyamuni Buddhist foundation. Right before the ceremony, the moment she put on the dharma robe for the first time, her heart was deeply touched by a warmness that she never felt before and tears came out uncontrollably. While meeting the 85th Chan Patriarch Wujue Miaotian later the same day, she asked to take refuge with the master and her wish was granted right away.

In 2012, she was in Taiwan to share her Chan experience in a dharma assembly of 20000+ people and was ordained right before the assembly.

Currently she resides in Irvine, California and shares Chan teachings at Irvine Center.
Juemiao Guangming
(San Francisco Bay Area and Monterey, CA)

Born and raised in mainland China, Guangming always held an immense interest in Spirituality. A small casual step he took out of curiosity in joining the Chan Club at the University of Southern California during the fall of 2005 turned out to be the beginning of his life-changing journey in Chan. He met the 85th Chan Patriarch Wujue Miaotian in person in 2007 at the Shaolin Temple (birthplace of Chinese Chan) and later took refuge in and was ordained with the dharma name “Juemiao Guangming” by the Chan Master in October of 2012.

Guangming holds a PhD degree in Computer Science and currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and works for Google as a software engineer. He offers Chan meditation classes regularly at Google and the Heart Chan Bay Area Center, and also at the Heart Chan Monterey Center from time to time.