Viki’s March 2019 Northern California Teacher Training Report

Date: 5/2/2019  Subject: Trip to Northern California Teacher Training on 3/31/2019 Experience, Impression and Benefit: The connections between all teachers and with Shifu are strong.  I felt that teachers cherished the opportunity to be together and sincerely practiced the connection throughout the form and formless during the entire training session. Teachers also paid good attention[…]

Guangming’s July 2019 Southern California Trip Report

I drove down to SCA last weekend to attend SCA July teacher training. On Saturday July 13, I arrived at Irvine Center at 3:15pm, 15 minutes later than the 3:00pm class at Irvine Center. I left San Jose at 7:30am and left enough cushion time, but still under-estimated LA’s traffic. As I got off Freeway[…]